Balanced Riskcard

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Offrisk has developed its Balanced RiskCard® as a direct result of working with public and private sector clients that want effective risk management to become just part of the way they do business, pure and simple.

The Balanced RiskCard® adds value with its:

  • Articulation of risks affecting different aspects of a client organisation’s aims and objectives as well as the impact on its operations
  • Use of SMART objectives and action plans to allow the effectiveness of controls and treatments to be assigned to individual managers and performance-managed as part of the normal appraisal mechanism
  • Clear, graphical presentation of where the risks will hurt, should they hit.

This approach also recognises the priority order in which risks should be addressed to ensure the realisation of business objectives is not compromised.

The Balanced RiskCard® allows an organisation’s risk impacts to be assessed against typical scorecard areas:

  • Service Capability – the ability of the organisation to operate and fulfil its service and/or commercial obligations
  • Internal Process – the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation’s business processes
  • People – the availability and quality of the right people to do the job
  • External Impact – the perception of the organisation by its peers, customers, suppliers and stakeholders including its responsiveness to disaster, legislative and strategic change.
RiskCard Clients:
Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service

T: 0141 563 9747