Local Councils

Local Councils are responsible for a wide-ranging scope of service delivery in their own areas.

Accordingly, identifying workable recovery strategies in the event of a disaster or significant interruption to normal operations can be complex.  Prioritisation of services is key.


Offrisk has worked with Local Councils to fully understand the competing priorities for service delivery through detailed impact assessment workshops.  Our approach has helped a number of councils demystify the business impact analysis process and ensure it is achieved comprehensively and quickly, yielding results that can be put to good use in the Business Continuity Plan.

Beyond this, Offrisk has coached and mentored organisations to develop their own Continuity Plans and to ensure best practice is embedded in both the development , implementation and maintenance of the plans themselves, and the Continuity Management process.

Local Council Clients:
Middlesbrough Council
South Lanarkshire Council

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