Corporate Risk Governance

Good Corporate Risk Governance should add value to your organisation. 

Your Board should not be overwhelmed with risk registers but making decisions about escalated risks that have been reported up through the organisation.

Offrisk’s views on good Risk Governance and extensive experience in the field have informed its development of a Risk Management Framework called the Balanced RiskCard® that not only targets risks that present the biggest obstacles to the achievement of corporate objectives, but measures their impact against the four component areas of the balanced business scorecard.

TheBalanced RiskCard® allows executives to assign risk reduction targets to their individual managers and monitor performance based on the resultant reduction in exposure.

Our approach to risk governance goes beyond what is possible with the common or garden risk register and can be a useful tool in engaging risk professionals and client management teams alike.

In addition, we work on specific projects to root out, for example, supply chain risk exposures and to determine what efficient mitigation might be provided.  Offrisk works in an advisory capacity with clients to chair monthly risk forums and provide an external perspective on organisations’ management of risk; promoting risk management as a value-adding and mission-critical skillset. 

Clients & Case Studies:
Northern Lighthouse Board

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