Crisis Management Training

Organisations must be prepared to respond to an emerging crisis early and in a pre-planned manner to avoid ad-hoc decision making and comment that can so easily be turned into ammunition for regulators, competitors, investors or customers.

Offrisk provides crisis management training to clients at Board and Senior Manager level.

Offrisk’s approach provides a crisis management framework that is highly capable and can be applied to any organisation in any sector with a reputation, product, service or brand worth protecting.

Our approach to crisis management is simple, but encapsulates years of experience and can easily add high-value capability to the Board or Senior Management team, ready for when you need it most.

Offrisk’s Crisis Management Training combines a structured approach to building a crisis team, creating an environment suitable to manage the crisis, handling the interests and intrusions of the media while maintaining business-as-usual operations and potentially initiating recovery plans for affected parts of the business and commonly involves an element of specialist media handling provided by a trained journalist.

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Course Information:

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