Luxury Goods

Offrisk works extensively with clients where brand integrity and quality are of the utmost importance and products designed for the discerning purchaser are subject to exacting quality standards at all stages of production, storage and distribution.

With an increasingly global market for luxury goods and an increasingly global supply chain, luxury goods manufacturers are highly conspicuous to their customers and the media and must preserve the integrity of their brands in the face of fierce competition.

From perfumes to handbags and Cognac to shoes, Offrisk’s clients share the same challenges that many other organisations face, but do so with the additional pressure of intense media and stakeholder scrutiny.

Offrisk has helped such organisations to prepare Business Continuity Plans that include comprehensive product integrity (recall or replacement) arrangements and media handling guidance, as well as emergency response and departmental recovery plans.

Luxury Goods Clients:
Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy UK

T: 0141 563 9747