Police Forces

Offrisk has been engaged by Police Constabularies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to design and develop copmprehensive Service Continuity Plans and Plan Exercises.

Our extensive experience of working with Police Forces helps to ensure that in the event of a disruption to normal operations, community policing and response to 999 calls are preserved and resourcing is maximised.

In addition, for specific strategic premises, our plans detail the movement of prisoners and recovery of custodial services, the recovery of productions and note book storage facilities, radio units, armed response and roads policing equipment, vehicles, fuel supplies and IT.

Our Plans also take account of the Police's various responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) and detail how Service Continuity Plans can be invoked independently of, or alongside Major Incident Plans.

We are delighted to enjoy excellent relationships with the Forces for whom we have delivered such work and believe this to stand as testimony to the quality of thought and level of engagement we achieve on such projects.  For further information, please contact us .

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