Product Recall Planning

For some organisations and sectors, the integrity of the end product is of the greatest importance.

In order to ensure that such organisations are equipped to deal not only with unexpected incidents affecting their operations but also their reputation for service and product excellence, Offrisk has developed specific plans for Product Recall (also known as Product Replacement or Integrity).

Such plans cover the full spectrum of potential for reputation damage and media investigation and interference, allowing manufacturers with reputations worth protecting to be on the front foot should they be unfortunate enough to require to recall any product for any reason.

Experience shows that a proactive, planned approach to dealing with customer and investor stakeholders can not only prevent damage to the organisation’s reputation and earnings but significantly enhance them.   While our clients operate quality programmes and do not expect to have to put our plans into place, they are well-prepared to face the media, their corporate and domestic customers and investors should they be needed.

Clients & Case Studies:
Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy UK

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