Recovery Flow Continuity Plans

Our RecoveryFlow® methodology offers a clear and concise framework that is applicable to all industry sectors.

Fully BS25999 compliant, the method includes a detailed impact analysis, development of recovery strategies and documentation of pragmatic and achievable departmental (function) recovery plans.

In developing a tailored plan for your organisation, our consultants will work with you to establish:

  • The most significant risks facing your organisation
  • The impact and tolerance levels sustainable by your organisation
  • Suitable, realistic recovery strategies
  • Areas where adjustments to existing practice will provide enhanced levels of resilience
  • Where additional staff training is necessary.

Business Continuity Management is a dynamic process that requires continual review. It is important that plans are exercised and maintained at regular intervals to ensure their integrity.

Our RecoveryFlow® methodology provides an accessible and comprehensive approach to continuity planning for commercial businesses, where bottom line is clearly the priority, and public service and not-for-profit organisations where delivery of critical services and preservation of funding streams are of the essence.

Continuity Overview:

Business Continuity Guide in pdf format

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